Fundamental Reason for Death and Diseases


Virus and AIDS (HIV)
- definition

Nourishment, vegetarianism


CANCER and others
"fatal-deadly" illnesses


"For him, the Life, i would make EVERYTHING !"
(Nikola Vaptcarov - bulgarian poet, anti-fascist, executed from fascists in 1943)

   1   2   3 (+)

  4 .(-)

   Normal, harmonious development of structures:
1. Physical BODY.
   2. Mind(wit) (Reason)
   3. Soul (Psyche)
 4. Spiritual development / Horizontal vector: chakras (transformers of "material" and hyper-light energyes).

   1    2    3 (+)

    4 .(-)

Abnormal (inharmonious) development (DISBALANCE)
In this case spiritual, intellectual and soul's development lag from physical development.

        First level of disbalance - between (+) and (-) - acid-alkaline disbalance.
        Second level of disbalance - between 1, 2, 3 and 4 - functional disbalance (professional deformation - second diagram).
        Third, the fourth level and is farther of disbalances - in private (individual) ramifications of a respective structures upwards......
        Functional disbalance tend to the somatic diseases... I.e. the Disbalance go deep (becomes aggravated) in the following sequence:
1. Organism. 2. Systems. 3. Organs. 4. Tissues. 5. Cells (nucleuses). 6. Nucleuses of cells and their smaller bodies. 7. Chromosomes. 8. Genetic code. 9. Energy body. 10. Information bodies (spirit, soul - destiny (
        I.e. that disbalance we do not heal, worsen in a more and more fundamental level... Therefore we determine:


    "In the beginning were the WORDS" (Bible).
   The word
"disease" ("illness") (in Bulgarian (Slavic) "болест" "боль-есть") is with derivation from two words:
    1. боль-ше - it is more (something in plenty) and 2. есть - is with two values: а) eat / to be fed and b) something is here / something is presented (exists): I.e. the "disease" ("боль-езнь") is translated as "something in more eat" or "something in more exists". It "something in more" is nutriment (energy) in more than it is necessary. Accumulation in one, but in damage of other element, i.e. deformation (disharmony) of the whole...

    Basic (initial) kinds of the diseases: 1. Diseases of the body. 2. Diseases of the Mind. 3. Diseases of the Soul. 4. Diseases of the Spirit. And their combinations. That there is no disease, for 1, 2, 3, and 4 HARMONIOUS DEVELOPMENT is necessary. If will get behind a Nature, the man will have not enough energy for struggle...

    There is mans without Spirit and womans, which can not use Spirit of the man for the own development. Their vector 4 will disappear:

The vectors 1, 2 and 3 are divide, i.e. A BODY, MIND and SOUL are DIVIDE, i.e.
the SOUL GO OUT from
the BODY, i.e. DEATH.
Hence, is present
Hence, is present and
With the his material carrier -

    Basic kinds of diseases:
1. Functional
diseases - when has disharmony between a structures of given system (the energy is in more for some, in damage of others).
2. Somatic diseases - when has break (division) between structures (energy does not reach up to them).

Can the borders of development (+) and (-) never crosses the transition (in middle), then
Sanscrit) =

The UNITY has and other name - LOVE !!! The LOVE to all alive (God) !!!
The carrier of the Love (health and happiness) it
PRANA ! The Love this feeling, which the soul transfers us, when she in harmony with the Divine laws. If has irritation, exasperation, vexation, dissatisfaction, rage, malice, malevolence, envy, predilection, partiality,... - it means infringement of some Divine Law.
By means of Yoga we amass Prana in us, i.e. we amass love, true, harmony,
health and happiness...
^ up ^111

VIRUS and AIDS (HIV) - definitions


< Our "Universe" is limited sphere with sizes 1028sm and is in other larger, too limited sphere (1). This so-called "Universe" not all and instead of "Universe" was imposed definition WORLD.

Time will come, when our Civilization will be pleased developed, will leave our world and will pass (move) in Other World (1). I.e. in much Large World, in which there are 1022 worlds as ours...

According a Principle of similarity the Sun is also World, which is in so-called our "universe", the life in him develops, as well as in our "universe" (WORLD). There are three kinds of lifes in each world:
1. Lowly life - which develops on planets around stars. As our, terrestrial life.
Superlife - which develops between stars and around of a galaxies. She is harmonious association from lowly lifes, has matured to abandon for ever by a planets and to live between them.
3. Hypersuperlife - which develops between galaxies and abandon the world for ever and migrate around of them (1). She is harmonious association from superlifes, has matured to abandon for ever by a galaxyеs and to live between them. He has sizes 10-15sm as the "stars" (worlds), which are in inside the stars (in inside the Sun), i.e. as the protons.

So hyper-developed civilizations from hypersuperlifes abandon this World, named Sun, and settle down on ambient planets. They improve and ennoble everything, up to which they touch. They create LIFE. The others, the under-developed civilizations (the lowly lifes) at the enlargement, death and the new life of the stars use their substance for bases for movement, from which bases the dead Matter arise. In brief:

1. The first, perfect civilizations (hypersuperlifes), which have come from the Sun (which create LIFE), already known from religions under a name HOLY SPIRIT. He has sizes 10-15sm and is in hipophiza-gland (in Sahasrara chakra).
2. The second, inharmoniously developed civilizations (the lowly lifes) develop outside of stars only with the assistance of the "dead" Matter and are inside her... If the our Civilization (still lowly life) will leave of the our World (still so-called "universe"), she in the following world will work as virus, i.e. as cannibalistic civilization, as well as concquistadors exterminated indians.. She and now such - she destroys the own Environment.
3. The third, derivative formations, which the Spirit has created already in our World, these known in religions under a name SOUL. She is in the field of sexual bodies. There are man's souls and female souls...

The viruses are the first organic microbases for development of the Spirits. I.e. it is the first, the most elementary, most imperfect microorganisms on the Earth. After creation of the following more perfect kinds of microorganisms all Spirits abandon the first bases and move in the new more perfect bases. This resettlement proceeds periodically and up to now. Now the Spirits are in the Man, but they and from him will abandon, when the new biological kind will appear. In effect he already has appeared and only in some years he will be separated itself from the Man, to which he resemble, by means of superlight speed. In the Spirits there is the complete information for the past (history) and the future (science and technologies), i.e. the information for development according to the cosmic laws. Therefore the first microbases remain without development. I.e. it is the first animals. In them there is only animal instinct of self-preservation. Therefore they destroy all because of the survival in the moment. As oldest kind they have learned better from all animals to adapt themselves, to mutate themselves. Therefore they rapidly adapt to the medicines...

The kind HomoSapiens, when will remain without Spirits, will remain an animal - without development, without logic thinking. Now such people without Spirits (i.e. from animals) the Civilization govern. Therefore and the their "successes" for overcoming of crises (illnesses) are such "great"...

AIDS (HIV) !  One of the first microorganisms.If the hungry monkeys will get into a factory, they will break all. But if we feed them, we will tame easily them. It is not humane to kill them. It is necessary by means of Yoga to give them Prana (LIFE in ENERGY FORM - general, universal energy (force, information) from lowest up to infinity of high frequencies, will penetrate into all). So the viruses will improve themselves and abandon us single-handed.
    "Medicine" DEPRIVES from PRANA the ours organism. He aspires to vivify the dead culinary nutriment and medicaments from the own Prana and in the same time destroys the own protection.
Destroys viruses, but destroys also and the organism. Sometimes she succeed, before to destroy the cells (nucleus) of the organism. The Souls (micro-civilization) of died animals and plants (flora) manage the cells. The Souls from cells abandon, to search by best environment for development. The cells without this souls any more have no central management and they decompose:

Therefore the ours unique
WEAPON of  the HUMANISM it the PRANA, i.e. carrier of the Divine LOVE, it is
^ up ^111


    When we shall ask some doctor, why nourishment is necessary, he mechanically would answer to us:
        1. For energy. 2. For formation (exchange) of substances.
        But when we shall ask him, have given it possibly, that we shall replace nourishment with energy? - He will take us for mad! And no, that it is impossible, that is why that in its textbook
s there is no such casus. But we can study Medicine not only from the textbooks. For this purpose there is also and ...

Frequencies and speeds in cm/sec for transition between them and between the worlds:

Sound frequencies (3.106);
Radio frequencies (3.108)

boundary speed (3.1010)

1 Gravitational frequencies (3.1012); 2 Biofr-es (3.1014);
3 Soul fr-es (3.1016); 4 Intellect fr-es (3.1018); 5

Underlight frequencies
Range (limited)
From 0 (zero) oscillations
up to oscillations of
a light

<<< border >>> (-)
SPIRIT > transformer

between superlight and
underlight frequencyes

Superlight frequencies
(not gravitational)

(Infinite) range
From oscillations of light
up to (-)-INFINITY

From the diagrams follows, that the nutrition (for energy) is divided first in two kinds:
< гgravitational and not gravitational >.
The gravitational (<) nutrition is the chemical (the known) nutrition.
The not gravitational (>) nutrition is infinite gradation of superlight frequencies,
the PRANA.
What infinite variety of nutrition (frequencies),
why it is necessary for use to limit ourselves only with chemical nutrition?
The nature has given us opportunity to develop ourselves and in an not gravitational frequencies, i.e. in an infinity, to NOT LIMIT ourselves only with chemical nutrition! Therefore Yoga has imposed the definition pranaYAMa, i.e. I eat cosmos energy.
The practice show, that the pranayama QUITE can supersede the chemical nutrition!
I.e. there are people, which
NEVER in own life EAT !!!

The cosmos energy of a cell disseminate itself from within to outside. Acidity (+) stops an exit of energy and substances from a cell. So the cell pumps up itself and becomes strong. As the ball. Alkalescence helps an Excretion. The most important substances of a herbs it ALKALOIDS (about 700 kinds) > (-) >, because they orientate the organism to > (-) >, alternative of a superacidity:


which form acid potentials pH+ (+)
They help of physical development
They detain a excretion
(of the poisons)

<<< kinds of nutritions >>>
in compliance with the polarization,
which they bring
of organism

(-) pСО- which form alkaline potentials
They help of spiritual development
They accelerate a excretion
(of the poisons)

The people die, because eat chiefly nutrition, which form acid potentials,
Therefore the Development to alkalescence
(-) (the vector downwards) diminish and -
break of a structures (collapse)
, i.e. alkaline

If we not transform the energy of the PRANA (-) for the prosperity of a society (material development) (+), the upward vectors will diminish and the result also will be (acid) DEATH.

Strong nutritions - pH+ (+)
They reduce the training of chakras - raise a them level of sensitivity, i.e. the chakras require more and more strong nutritions, to excite them for transformation of Prana. As the narcotics - raise a level of sensitivity of a glandes. More and more strong narcotics (nutritions) - way to a death.

<<< nutrition kinds >>>
according to a quantity of influence upon organism
the energy derive from a nutrition,
Nutrition only stimulate chakras to transform energy (Prana)

(-) pСО- - Weak nutritions
The Nature does not allow empty place.
The Organism can replace by nutrition with energy, when he starve. They reduce a level of sensitivity of
chakras. Less and less nutrition by means of more exercise (more Prana), whilst she quite to replace by of the nutrition. (IMMORTALITY). If there is development.

The energy enters through an umbilicus (navel), she get down in a sexual bodies, then: Lowermost chakra, kundalini, upwards all over the backbone (through all chakras), up to the last chakra (Sahasrara - the place of Spirit),  on the end she get down up to umbilicus and go out. This, that remained. I.e.
the Spirit is last -
if to remain energy for him. The Spirit is a means for comprehension of a
BASIS of the "Tree" (basic natural laws).
The Dead (culinary) and strong nutritions run out of the all energy, before she will attain to Spirit. Therefore
is shown so:

The weakest nutritions
By means of their the chakras evince itself quite and serve by energy an all organism ("Tree"). They give him an opportunity for complete Harmony and a complete Comprehension of own and external Life.

The average-strong nutritions

They bereave of the chakras opportunity for complete expression of their activity. From it suffer the BASIC structures (spirit, soul, reason, comprehension, awareness, feelings), because the energy reaches only for superficial work and smatterings.

The strongest nutritions

They quite disorient the personality -remain only with most superficial opportunities and aspirations. For cognitions does not reach any energy. The Prana does not reach for Consciousness.

Supreme energy classification:

(conditionally) solar nutritions (+)
fruits and kernels from a tree
help of constructive processes

Almost all raw nutritions conduct to alkalescence,
when the man still did not pass to raw-nourishment,
but then - other effects:

<<< kinds of nutrition >>>
according to theirs origin (
"in" and "yan")

(-) lunar nutritions (conditionally)
vegetables and kernels from ground
Help of secretory and eliminating processes


DO NOT KILL   ! ! ! ...
(God order, Bible, Exodus 20:13; Second-lawfulness 5:17; Mathew 5:21; Marko 10:19; Romans 13:9;...) лл..
Because of dish you do not destroy the God's deed...
...to not eat meat, to not drink wine...
 (Bible, Romans 14:20, 21)лл..
And God has told:
It'll, I give you each herb, which gives seed,
and each tree, whose fruit is ligneous and gives seed -
IT will be to you for food!
(Bible, Genesis 1:29)

Delusions of medicine
The MEAT is the most acids-forming and strongest nutrition - gives great many energy. But it has all negatives of strong nutritions.
The meat is the most toxic nutrition!

Irreplaceable amino-acids.
    "They do not exist in vegetable food and the organism not can produce them." If it is truth, the billions vegetarians must dies in early children's age. And there are people, which in the own life NEVER EAT (look literature)!... REALLY! The cow, which produces irreplaceable amino-acids in the milk, is more perfect from the peak of the Nature - the Man? Not REALLY!
    Superfluous calories destroy (burn out) the proteins. The necessity from more calories means dirty organism.
    It is correct. But as the narcotics -
the automobile burn instead of benzine - kerosene...
    In dairy products they are more. But they produce more urea, uric acid and gases - otiose burden for excretory system...
    Partly correctly. But they in the meat are DEAD. Vegetative nutriment has all necessary vitamins. Organism, if is clean, can itself produce everything, if is spiritually enough developed. I.e. if rationally uses PRANA!...


    As each strong nutriment, also and the meat provokes high quantity of acids in organism, as and huge quantity of DEFENCE, the alkaline MUCUS. She impedes absorption of nutriment. Therefore the organism requires more calories to burn out the mucus. We receive POSITIVE FEEDBACK (as at squeal of microphone): > the strong nutriment requires (to burn out slime) increasingly calories > concentrates > refined products > salt > sugar > meat > eggs; > non-alcoholic > alcoholic beverages > tobacco > narcotics > (Degradation Sequence).
    The meat contains little vitamins and mineral salts. Has huge quantity of TOXINS. The muscles of slaughtered animals contain dangerous poison XANTIN. SURPLUS of animal squirrels disrupts Metabolism, envenom
s by pudin poisons - rheumatism's illnesses. At butchering be formed hormones of stress. They strongly destroy the nerves of the meat-eaters. Disease "mad-cow" is not from a virus, and from animal squirrels in Nutriment of Herbivorous. And the people (not meat-eaters) suffer from "mad-cow", but the lechery is widespread and the madness because of meat-nutrition is accepted for usually. And the people (not meat-eaters) suffer from "mad-cow", but the lechery is widespread and the madness because of meat-nutrition is accepted for usually. After butchering the blood coagulates itself and the meat becomes hard, therefore we leave him, to "ripen" to become softer, i.e. to rot. Everyone  rotten nutriment raises blood pressure, sclerosis, gout, rheumatism, headache, neurosis, psychosis, epilepsy, ulcer, dyspepsia, bad breath, smelly legs, intestinal worms, bad teeth and kidneys, eczema, CANCER !!!... (Dr. Bernard Serou, "With face against Cancer", publisher "Roshe", 1985) (Dr. Wolter Wellet, Pr. in Harvard University).
The meat raises the urinary acid, reason for huge quantity "civilized" illnesses. Countries, where not eat meat, not have and one instance of a cancer or infarct. Meat, eggs and fish DECAY on open-air, the milk not - it turn sour, and the plants are preserved for long. It's bad and insipid nutriment, therefore always we add seasonings to it. Quantity of bacilluses
(according to an american institute), which cause putrefaction in 1 gramme from:

          Beef liver
          Sausage "
   1 500 000 bacteriums (b)
   2 800 000
 33 000 000
 75 000 000
          Pig liver
          Eggs (up to 3-4 days)
  96 000 000 b
110 000 000
220 000 000

These bacteriums destroy the natural bio-flora in intestines, strengthen the rotting, which poisons the whole body. From it and from absence of ballast the meat separates itself 4 times more slowly from vegetable nutriment... It is impossible we to eat only meat. The eskimos (live average 20-30 years), but they in compulsion - eat mostly vegetable contents in the stomach of killed animals...
The Meat is NARCOTIC. After an initial phase of pleasure and high spirits come DEPRESSION, and it increase the use of coffee, tobacco, alcohol and other NARCOTICS... The meat destroys IMMUNE SYSTEM.
Crimes, murders, bad moral and carnality progressively increases in the carnivorous states!?... Some commanders deliberately stuff the soldiers before battle copiously with meat to intoxicate and embitter them. Malodorous smell of the carnivorous does not disappear with any deodorants...

 < As in Radio-Engineering: The Meat is the strongest "nutriment". The more we amplifies the external signal (F1), the more we amplifies the noises (curved, harmful, DIRTY frequencies on the surface of the curve) to the detriment of the pure (F2). ЗTherefore before to amplify the external signal the radio-engineers snip (Filter) the peak of the curve (dirt). The signal again remains inharmonious. In organism is the same - the more the nutriment is stronger, the more the DIRTY frequencies are to the detriment of pure frequencies. Therefore the strong nutriment destroys firstly the most supreme abilities (frequencies) - intellectual, mental abilities, immunity and at last - the Body. I.e. the strong (dirty) nutriment destroys firstly the will, convert the man into an animal without resistance and without logic thinking.

The strongest and hardy animals are vegetarians - elephant, horse, camel, but not tiger or lion. The japanese tribe, has given the most good fighters, ate rice and bean. The MIRACLES of the yogis (Christ) and battle-arts are impossible by meat. The warriors from the cloister Shao Lin eat only vegetable food, mainly vegetables. The ancient Greek fighters eat grains and fruits. When they next begans meat, became dull, similar to meat-eater animals, therefore Diogen liken them to pigs and oxes. De Lesseps, has constructed Suez canal, assert, that without the vegetarians (arabs and hindus) the canal hardly be was finished. The Great Civilizations of Hindus, Chineses, Persians, Greeks, Romans coincide with the time of vegetarianism. After the beginning of the meat-eating begin lechery of all personal and public systems and the crash of these civilizations is inevitable. According to the Triptolomey laws the meat-eating is strictly forbidden, especially for intellectuals. Platon in his valedictory dialogue "Republic" (4 c. up to AD) presents Sokrat, has given sample of city, to whom has prescribed nourishment with grains, fruits and vegetables. Seneca (1 c. after AD): "Vegetative products are sufficient nutriment for the stomach, in which now we stuff most various creatures"... "When the life was more simple, there was no necessity from so many physicians, nor yet from so many surgical tools and chests with medicines. We had health because of the simple living. The many dishes carry a lot of diseases. Notice how many a lot of creatures a stomach absorbs - disrupter of the Earth and Sea. It may well be, that such unnatural nutriment carries different diseases... Count the cooks and you need not wonder, that so many diseases there are." Plutarch: "Most often upsets himself the alimentary tract from meat-nutriment, because she quickly mires him and leave bad consequences. For the man the best eat no meat, because the earth gives many things, which serve not only for nutriment, but also for pleasure."... "You ask me, on what grounds Pitagor has refrained from meat. I from my party am astonished, what feeling, idea or reason has guided that man, which a first has desecrated the own mouth with blood and has allowed of the own eyebrowes to touch up to meat of killed creature; who has set out a table with mutilated corpses of killed animals and has proclaimed them as daily nutriment - it, which before was a being, gifted with movement, force, sensation and voice, with soul?" Hezoid (8 c. up to AD) depicts "The Golden Century ", in which the meat is unfamiliarly as nutriment.

The Abattoir - it is shame for our "humane" civilization. She is doomed to perish even only for this reason. MURDER of the people or animals is the same thing, it is murder. The MURDER looks us from each foodstuff shop - millions people wade up to ears in blood to feed the meat-eaters. And the children looks. And LEARNS. And the animals understands and feels as us. When we will be on other planets, will chase the local inhabitants to eat them? REALLY!? It the Cosmos not will admit. Therefore God has condemned us to be destroyed among themselves. It not a single animal not does. All the same the red blood cells to assail the white cells... Therefore


Vegetarianism is moral and intellectual parameter for Humaneness. Hindus as the vegetarians are the sole example in the History, which were exempted from 170 year's English domination WITHOUT BLOODSHEDS! The Japaneses, when in the majority were vegetarians, become a world economic miracle. Now they are in decline as western meat-eating "teachers".

in the official pseudo-medicine are concocted (a TRUMPED up story) according to AVERAGE consumption.
I.e. they serve
s only the consumption, PROFITS of the producers.
The NORMS are INDIVIDUAL and depend from
The more the Spiritual development progresses, the more the PRANA replaces the nutriment up to then, when she become entirely needless:

  <  More spiritual development (-) downwards is condition it to transform more materiality (+) upwards (and vice versa). Simultaneously in all structures. I.e. more spiritual development > more energy > less nutriment.

  <   The more deviation (development) to spiritual (-), the more deviation under own momentum in opposite direction to material (+) will be large without use of energy (WITHOUT NUTRIMENT).

Vegetarians: Buddha, Zaratustra, Lao Dzu (the immortal Boganatar, i.e. Bogar - the Bulgarian earliest teacher of the Chineses), Confucius, Pitagor, Jesus Christ, Tales, Plutarch, Porfirius, Epikur, Diogen, Platon, Sokrat, Plutonius, Ovidius, Herodot, Arristotel, Seneka, Jordano Bruno, Celsius, Leonardo de Vinchi, Newton, Spinoza, Shelly, Bayron, Bethoven, Lev Tolstoy, Volter, Shopenhauer, Humbold, Laybnitc, Nitcshe, Servantes, Lamartin, Emerson, Toro, Bernard Show, Russo, Wagner, Victor Yougo, Luy Michael, Einshtein, Norbert Winner (was lived above 100 years)...

Assen Zlatarov, Dr., Scientist, socially active person, humanist: "The Vegetarianism is a way of nourishment for a cleverer, more worth-while, more artistic and more elevated Mankind."

The Legendary NATIONAL HERO #1 of Bulgaria
Wassil Levskiy
is also conscious full vegetarian
The Page is prepared from the book
of my teacher Ventceslav Evtimov, who have rescued my life by own example!
With eternal GRATITUDE !!!...
^ up ^111

CANCER and other  "FATAL-DEADLY"  diseases


        "...If the molecule of a protein is some enzime (ferment) and the acid of a glutammin appeared close up to its active centre, she by means of the own ELECTRIC POTENTIAL... can provoke DEFORMATION of the ALL ACTIVE CENTRE. It would cause absence of catalyst's activity. So the synthesized protein any more does not represent enzime (ferment), and merely one USELESS MOLECULE (!). It causes end of the ferment reaction - ...sometimes FATALLY. Such replacement of one (correct) base with another (erroneous) is named MUTATION and represents DEFECT in a GENE, i.e.
        What REASONS for MUTATIONS? ...One part from them is consequence of ... a radioactive radiation, as well as some chemicals."
of  (+) and (-) electrical loaded chemicals...)
Mutations of DNA in textbook "BIOCHEMISTRY", National Sport Academy, BG, 1992, p. 99)

        These chemicals can not penetrate as far as DNA directly, the various levels of a membranes would not admit them. The Penetration is indirectly by means of change of polarization of cell membranes (+) и (-), which in a general case polarized as on the figure.

Levels, which the super-polarity overcomes to reach DNA:

Digestion canal 1
Blood, lympha, juices between cells 2
Cells Plasma 3
Nucleuses plasma, chromatin 4
Energy channel (biofield) 5



Gut walls, blood vessels.
Cell membranes.
Nucleus membranes.
Alkaline covers of DNA (histones)

    The acid saturation (+) in the stomach is 1 000 000 times more than acid saturation of blood. When we eat meat and protein concentrates (cheese, brinsen cheese) and is especial when we shall mix proteins and sugars, the acid saturation in a stomach become 4 - 5 000 000 times more than in blood. So the membranes (1) do not maintain also super-acid saturation passes in a level (2) (blood) and the normal pH+ of level (2) rises to super-polarization (+). So are appear illnesses from level (2) !!!
Biofield (basic immunity system) from level (5) disperses and difficultly achieves various levels and therefore badly protectes DNA...
    The people, instead of to regulate of super-polarization, i.e. eat normal (natural) nutrition, they "heal themselves", i.e. destroy symptoms of a sin. ТSo the super-polarization traverse all levels and membranes and attaines up to
DNA. Effect - DEFECTS in a GENES. And CANCER is exactly GENE DEFECT.

Polynucleus structure has ...POWERFUL NEGATIVE POTENTIAL -
sum from hundred or even thousands individual potentials.
Exactly is the reason, for the sake of which the majority from the nuclein acids contacts
with molecules of ALKALINE PROTEINS (histones), in which the positive potentials
such as
NH3+ predominate for neutralization.
(In textbook "BIOCHEMISTRY", National Sport Academy, BG, 1992, p. 96)

     In the beginning, blood resists by means of the own BUFFER SYSTEM, for the sake of which difficultly we find super-polarization in blood. But, to protect of blood, the buffer system gradually takes away protections of the following levels and hardly on the end and she collapse. Still there are no medical devices, which are capable to measure pH+ and pСО- in cells, in nucleuses, in hromatin, in histones and in DNA.
   The chemical medicines in the same logic to reach
DNA, are to overcome by huge quantity from levels of membranes, but it is impossible. Therefore their influence is indirectly by means of polarization. And it is slow and, consequently, non effective process. The huge quantity from small consequences (symptoms) the doctors name "reasons" for a cancer, instead of FIRST, BASIC (in a basis of "Tree" of the reasons) reason - super-acid saturation (super-polarization) by means of a UNNATURAL (VICIOUS) NOURISHMENT and pollution by means of DEAD (culinary) nutrition !!!
Anybody from the doctors not try to offer to the patients NORMAL NOURISHMENT and


        The WHITE MAFIA prefers by own HEAVY and COMPLEX system from pharmacy and surgery, to fill own accounts by more and more HEAVY and COMPLEX systems from PROFIT... Instead of to heal to the people...
The millions cases of "wonderful" medications by means of famine, diets, cleaning of organism, massages, acopuncture, homeopaty, herbs... are outside from the statistics...

    Why in defiance of excision (operating) of the sectors, are harmed from cancer, he again appear?
    Each disease of anyone organ or system is disease of all organism. DNA and RNA are not the only vector of the heredity code (cipher, key).
Each cell of the organism is ruled from soul of dead animal. The more importanter organ a cell build, the more higher organism (in the evolution) this cell have inhabited. The water have memory  (in homeopathy a medicine we dilute some ten time (each time 1:1000) and in the end in the solution is not a single molecule from the medicine. But this solution without not a single molecule from the medicine heales many more from the medicine). The blood and all solutions in organism in like manner remember the wrong code (cancer) for construction of cells and this wrong code initially the souls reads. In this way after excision of neoplasm the wrong code remains in memory of solutions, the souls commit him to all cells and we receive so-called metastasises. Therefore the operative elimination of the cancer is temporary decision.
    Selfsame is the cause, which causes cancer, when we eat meat. The higher animals have much more complex genes in comparison with plants. Even in case of culinary working the souls read the genes in meat and they already are mixed-up by what sign they to make genes - by code of the organism, in which they live, or by code of the meat. And sometimes they choose wrong variant, i.e. cancer...

^ up ^111

Прана е Всеобщата (универсалната) космическа Енергия, от която произлизат всички енергии:

Frequencies and speeds in cm/sec for transition between them and between the worlds:

Sound frequencies (3.106);
Radio frequencies (3.108)

boundary speed (3.1010)

1 Gravitational frequencies (3.1012); 2 Biofr-es (3.1014);
3 Soul fr-es (3.1016); 4 Intellect fr-es (3.1018); 5

The Universal cosmos energy (Prana)
passes through  1
and projects

1.  Energy body (MATRIX)
 Gravitational ("physical") body

The embryos of the life (the quantums of the life) ("the Holy Spirit") come from the Sun. They create assistants, as we create a technical means. These assistants we name "souls". The Spirits and the souls create together a gravitational (physical) bodies as bases for the theirs own development.
The Unity (Yoga) of a body is supported by energy fields, which are created from chakras and theirs under systems, whose combination we name "Energy body"
    The Energy body is Matrix, in which nourish itself, grow, educate itself by means of energy (by information) cells of organism and develop. The Energy body does not change, it is perfect and eternal as energy (information). The physical body is necessary to develop in similarity of
energy body.
    But it never receives 100 % realization, because the people life is incongruous with a Nature, they pollute of the own bodies and receive erroneous and deformed energy (information), which leads to deformation in their cells (illnesses)...

    The most perfect yogas achieve immortality, because they set in 100% conformity
of the own cells with a Matrix (energy body), i.e. to create unimpeded transfer of energy (the Matrix = a body 1:1)...
    Christ resuscitated Lazar, because by means of powerful energy flow transferred the information from the Energy body to dead cells of Lazar...
    Another universal medicine is SUPER-LIGHT SPEED (which we shall achieve for 5-10 years, if we have Spirit...)
She perfectly will clear the our body, so children, old men, mutilated people will become perfect mature individuals in 100 % as a Matrix...

еis this, that she considers the organism as CLOSED CHEMICAL system, in which it is necessary only chemical balance and nothing more.
She considers the organism as ISOLATED
from superhigh frequencies of energyes (from
Prana), from Spirit, from Soul, from energy body, from Cosmos, from the God...
(Their structures are superhigh-frequencys - for them there are no recording devices (yet))
She "heal
s" by means of elimination of symptoms (of signals) for MISTAKES of a DEVELOPMENT. So she destroys alarm system (immunity system) of organism.
I.e. official Medicine is UNSCIENTIFIC !!!

  <  The superhigh-frequency energy system of the Man according to Yoga.
In middle - main channel "
Sushumna". аFrom a two sides the two secondary channels "Ida" and "Pingala" are crossed. Points of crossing are Chakras for all branchings of energy.
  <    Why the official medicine runs from the facts - Akopunktura (needle-therapy), extra-sensory healing propertys, yoga-knowledge for an energy channels, Pranayama, purifying of organism, crude nutrition (alive) and culinary nutrition (dead) ??? !!! ...


for mans, which have no Spirit and for womans, which can not use of a Spirit of the mans. I.e. for the people, which can not perfected themselves, which remain as HomoSapiens, i.e. animals without development (biorobots). Without Will. They can not heal themselves single-handed.

   TWO basic KINDS  >
according to


For the mans, which have Spirit and for the women, which can use of Spirit of the mans. I.e. for the people, which can perfected themselves single-handed, The people, which can be transformed in the New biological kind - HomoGalacticus with possibilitys for space development...
With Will. They can heal themselves single-handed.

is PRANA (LOVE), i.e.
spiritual and harmonious development
, i.e. YOGA !
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