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Sunset or Sunrise - Crawling or Development - Apathy or New Horizons - You Choose!

You believe it or not but it which you see, is truth!

To the right of here is Brahmachary aged 100,
He is mentor of family Gandi and
ctrainer of the first soviet cosmonauts.
Man from the our team possess the all secret of it long-lived achievement.
We can achieve it with perfect health, pure organism, balance between physical and spiritual development and humanism.
We will share with you the all this way from
Aloe Vera via perfect health up to perfect personality.



And here on photo you see master of Brahmachari.
It is Kartakeya
aged 305.
Official Science keep mum and shut eyes for all it.
But it have our scientific explanation.

 As and practical guidance. Each summer we organise for 5 day theoretical and practical course for new natural methods of medication, qualification and improvement, for physical and spiritual development, for new human abilities.
We await you.




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