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     Our success at Crufts was no surprise. Our kennels are never without FLP's products - the resilts are amazing!
Elaine & Jo Ratclift, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
Grandver Border Collie Show Kennels

      Having used the products with marvellous results, not only on my pet dog, goats, chickens and rabbit, but also now in the Cattery, how can I ever be without them?
Caroline Russell, Horsmonden, Kent /  Pullens Farm Cattery


     FLP Aloe products are so versatile! I trust them for use on all my animals, even my hand-reared barn owl. Their excellent condition is a constant testimony - FLP Aloe Vera will always be part of their daily care.
Sally Olof, Reading, Berkshire
Associate of the Institute of Animal Technicians


     I've found FLP Aloe Vera invaluable in helping to enhance the wellbeing and soundness of my horses, especially at those important stages of preparation leading up to and during international competition.
Nicola Lewis, Chepstow, Monmouthshire
Former International There Day Event Rider


     I use a variety of FLP Aloe Vera products in my small animal veterinary practice and also with sheep, horses and a llama at home. The results are excellent, the products are more cost effective then conventional veterinary products and they have no damaging side effects.
Ann Hayes BVSc MRCVS
Veterinary Surgeon



Aloe Veterinary Formula - 030
12.82 / 19.14 / 472ml
Moistuising antimicrobial action
Very high proportion of Aloe in formula
Use to soothe irritations, cleanse before dressing or applying Aloe Vera Gelly
Spray onto coats after bathing for shine and condition
Use as leg wash to soothe and protect after heavy exercise

TOP TIP!  Fussy Feline? If your cat won't take the Aloe drink, try putting some on their paw, they will lick it off and get the benefit that way! Try putting a small amount of the Veterinary Formula in your aquarium - your fish will benefit from the goodness of Aloe Vera!


Forever Aloe MPD - 050
[Multi-Purpose Detergent]
17.23 / 25.73 / 1.89 litres
Lifts grime, cutting grease and removing stains /  Cleans dishes, floors, windows, and clothing /  Gentle formula - kind to hands and clothes /  All-purpose concentrated cleaner /  Environmentally friendly /  Economical and biodegradable
Anionic and non-ionic surfactants are biodegradable
NB: MPD should not be used in dishwasher.
  MPD is the perfect solution for washing pet bedding and making their living area hygienically clean. Kinder than harsh cleaning products for your family, the environment and your animals sensitive skin. Dilutes to make an effective, economical shapoo for large animals - see their coats shine!

Starter Packs - your business in a box    /    Animal Pack - 04 - 128.13 / 191.32 

Aloe Vera is not just humans - your pets can benefit too! Aloe has been to help our animal friends for hundreds of years. This pack contains all need.

Aloe Vera Gel
Forever Freedom
Aloe Vera Gelly [tube]
Veterinary Formula
Aloe Liquid Soap


Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo
Aloe Propolis Creme
Forever Bright Toothgel
Aloe Sunscreen
Bee Pollen Tablets
Bee Propolis Tablets
Aloe Heat Lotion
Animal Fliers [code 1060] on tow use the products
NB: Contents may vary


    In recent years many veterinary Glucosamine and Chondroitin preparations have become readily available to the profession= Note have the power of Forever Freedom with unique combination of these natural supplements and Aloe Vera. My patients get amazing benefits without any unpleasant side effects.
Flick Huggins




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